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Monday, July 26, 2010

A Deep Dark Secret Revealed....

July 26, 2010 marks the day a shameful weight was lifted off the shoulders of two unsuspecting subjects.

Let me recollect the day's events...

It was just a normal day of work. There was a bit of down time as Claire was waiting for her team members and I, Aileen, was just updating the blog. Many of the other interns were faced with free time so we all gathered in the break room loft. As the minutes passed, we found ourselves playing Family Feud online. Again and again, we answered with great skill to the many categories they threw at us-- but, there was one category in particular that caught my attention. The category was "Which detectives make spy work look like fun", and immediately my mind focused on one detective in particular, but I wouldn't dare say her name.

Throughout my life I have carried a secret. If you have ever been shamefully enamored with something, you can understand where I am coming from. Lurking within the depths of my being, I have been trying to hide that I am an addict- a Nancy Drew computer game addict. With a few exceptions, I have never found a person that shares a passion for Nancy Drew mysteries tantamount to mine. That was until today.

While chilling out in the loft, we were talking about our massive skill in playing Family Feud when my companion and fellow Nancy Drew-er texted me about the latest game- Nancy Drew and the Trail of the Twister. At that point I, very casually and without an overabundance of emotion, asked if anyone had ever played the Nancy Drew games. Thats when it happened.

Claire, a DNA intern who was sitting across from me, responded by saying "I have all of them", and my response..... "So do I". At that point Claire fell to her knees and, with a high pitched squeal, screamed and lunged forward, expelling all of her repressed emotions she had contained over the years. For what seemed like an eternity, Claire clutched my sweatshirt feverishly as we both relished that special moment.

Between fits of constant laughter Claire declared, "I've never met anyone who has played all of the games". The significance of our mutual love for Nancy Drew did not just mark a common interest, but also taught us a lesson. Although differences are obvious, there are and always will be more that pushes us together than pulls us apart.

...Yet another life lesson learned at the DNA Disco.

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